Public Information

The following information is publicly available.

  • Email Address (
  • Published Blog Posts
  • Comments (Blogs and Podcasts)
  • Uploads (Encrypted files will still be served, but the content is secure unless the proper Key is provided client side)
  • Git Repositories (Except Private Repos)
  • Pastes without passwords
  • User Profile
    • Registration Date
    • About
    • Website
    • Quote

Data We Collect

Teknik collects the following data when you use our services and is used only internally by us.

  • User ID - Your internal user ID is associated with any of the following actions while logged in:
    • Uploading Files
    • Pastes
    • Shortened Urls
    • Vaults
    • Blog Posts + Comments
    • Podcast Comments
  • Dates - When you perform an action (ie: register an account), the date of the action will be recorded.
  • Emails - Any email you send or receive with your email address is stored locally onto the server. These emails are not read.

Cookies We Store

While browsing we store the following cookies onto your machine.

  • TeknikAuth - Stores the authentication ticket for a login session.
  • TeknikTrustedDevice_<username> - Used for determining if the browser has been trusted by the 2-Factor Auth system.
  • TeknikAntiForgery - Validation Token sent with every request to the server for Anti-Forgery purposes.

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